Our Fear, Our Defiance

Our Fear, Our Defiance

Growing up on the North Shore has been a privilege and an honour, and I feel very lucky to continue to live, learn, and play in such a beautiful place. As a child, like most children, I had a natural fear of the unknown, I had a fear of what I perceived to be a risk. Risk is such an ambiguous term, for it does not necessarily entail danger but any endeavours to explore the unknown. I have always perceived risk to be associated with fear, and in many instances, I have let my fear guide me, and I have lived in the confines of fear. 

It wasn't fear of danger that guided me, for I spent much of my youth playing contact sports and as a young child, had I the physical strength to support my robust figure on the monkey bars, I would have given those a try as well. Playing rugby, I have suffered many broken bones, concussions, contusions, and dislocations, and have been stitched and mended enough times to assemble a full wardrobe. What I feared more than anything was to fail

The endeavour to start something new is to explore the unknown and is a risk I have feared from the moment my ten-pound figure drew its first breath. Island Life Apparel is not just a company, but an act of defiance, a venture into the unknown, a start of something I have always wanted, but have been too afraid of failure to start. 

It took me many moons to realize that fear of the unknown leads nowhere, and stagnant water breeds complacency. It is through my exploration of the unknown that I discovered all of the islands that I have come to cherish and through defiance of fear that I have built strong connections to not only these special places but the special people they provide refuge. Many times I have fled to these islands to seek refuge from the bustling urban areas I have resided in for most of my days. Although I love Vancouver and some elements of the city life, the truth is my racing mind yearns for the peace and tranquillity of the gulf islands. Through my shared experiences with friends and family on these islands, I have come to understand that exploration of the unknown is the antithesis of fear

Island Life Apparel is not a novel concept to me, but endeavouring to embark on a journey into the unknown is something I have always feared. Starting Island Life Apparel Inc. is a risk, and with risk, there is always a chance of failure. Starting Island Life Apparel Inc. is a defiance of the fear I have let guide my life, and a testament to the countless pilgrimages I have sought through my exploration of islands like Hornby, Salt Spring, Pender, Mayne, Saturna, Galiano, Bowen, Keats, Savary and those amongst Black Fish Sound. For at one point in my life, they were unknown and had I not endeavoured to explore, I would not perceive them as I do now, as a home away from home. Not just the places, but the people I have met and grown with on these islands, and the people who have shaped me, guided me and given me the strength to defy my fear of the unknown

Little did I know that it was through exploration of the unknown that I would ultimately find the most inner peace and tranquillity. It was through my connection with people on these sacred grounds that I would develop the courage to start something new, I would start Island Life Apparel Inc. It is through these many excursions I have come to learn that vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather a sign of strength, and starting something new is a risk, and Island Life Apparel is my next exploration of the unknown, for I no longer wish to live my life in the confines of fear. Island Life Apparel is my celebration of all of those people and places that taught me to challenge fear, take risks, and constantly explore the unknown. What lies ahead is not written in stone, but rather embroidered on simple gear, for the simple life… the island life. 

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