Collection: Bocko and Friends - Cheers to Music Therapy

'We are back! On Friday October 20th, 2023, my incredible friends and I are hosting a night to give back and cheers the Music Therapy Program at BC Children's Hospital. Hosted once again at the Pipe Shop Venue in North Vancouver, our aim is to get together as a community to celebrate the fantastic work the Music Therapy Program does. All proceeds raised through our run and through our event will be donated directly to the program.

I welcome you to join us in giving back to a organization that is so near to my heart. From 2008-2010 I spent the better part of two years being treated at BC Children's Hospital while I battled Hodgkins Lymphoma. During this time the amazing staff and programs that BC Children's offered worked tirelessly to help me overcome a potentially life-threatening disease. A big, often overlooked aspect of getting through a battle such as mine, is having an escape from it all that provides each patient with a sense of normality. The Music Therapy Program at Oncology does just that. It provides a sense of normality and a sense of escape for each patient, which is often hard to find during such trying times.

As a fully donor funded program, the Music Therapy Program at Oncology relies purely on groups and individuals to ensure that program continues. As someone that has seen the incredible impact that each Music Therapist has on patients, it has become a passion of mine to give back to such an incredible group of individuals who helped me get though the biggest obstacle in my life so far.

Our fundraising efforts have helped fund 35% of to the total Music Therapy Program and the entirety of Music Therapy in Oncology this past year. We hope that with our efforts this year we can continue to have such a strong impact on the program.

We thank you for your support and hope to be able to provide necessary funding for the great and needed program that is Music Therapy at Oncology.' - Bocko 

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