Our Brand, Our Values, Our Community

Our Brand, Our Values, Our Community

At Island Life Apparel, we value the environment, sustainability, simplicity, and above all else, we value community.


Island Life Apparel is a value-driven company. It is small and it is sustainable. We aim to provide people who love 'the island life' with a way to commemorate their experiences, and share their love with others. Each piece is designed by me, and embroidered locally by a small print shop. After my designs are printed, I pick them up myself, and you are able to find items at local pop-up shops, small brick-and-mortar locations on the islands, and through our online store. 


At Island Life Apparel, we value the environment, which is one of the reasons we drop-ship individual items or use large selling platforms for fulfillment. We want to engage with people, and give everyone the chance to see the product before they add it to their cart. As for the environment, we pledge to commit 5% of profits to Islands Trust where 100% of your donation goes directly to protecting nature on the islands you love. That means that if you purchase a 'Hornby Hat', 5% of the profits from that sale will go directly back to local conservation efforts to protect the island and the waters that surround it. I took the above photo while enjoying one of the many beautiful sunsets I witnessed on Hornby Island. At Island Life Apparel, we want to do our part to keep the islands pristine and lush, so future generations can enjoy the same experiences we have all been so lucky to experience. 


At Island Life Apparel we make simple gear for a simple life. Our apparel is all designed and embroidered in Vancouver in small batches. This is a simple one person operation, and although you can expect quality and genuine craftsmanship, our product reflects the simplicity of 'island life', because after all, life should be simple. 


At the heart of Island Life Apparel is community. Our goal is to build a community around our brand that brings island lovers together, and lets people share and celebrate their love for the islands of the Pacific NorthWest.  When you purchase an item from Island Life Apparel, we want to connect with you, engage with you, and to hear what makes the island special to you. All of my experiences exploring and living on the islands are spent with friends and family. Island Life Apparel is a celebration of these connections and relationships, not just for me, but for everyone who spends time with friends and loved ones on the islands. 

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