Our Foundations

Our Foundations

My name is Michael Harvey, and I am the founder, owner and operator of Island Life Apparel Inc. I grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and I am the youngest of three boys. I have two older brothers (Max and Matthew) who I love and cherish, and who are a constant inspiration in my life. 


I currently live in Vancouver, and I am a Secondary School Teacher on The North Shore. When I am not teaching, I spend most of my free time coaching rugby, skiing, biking, running and camping. In the summer, I like to spend my time visiting loved ones on Vancouver Island, Hornby Island, Salt Spring Island, Bowen Island, and many other gems within the waters of the Pacific Northwest.


I had my first taste of island life in 2009 when my family took its first trip to Hornby Island and stayed at the beautiful Sea Breeze Lodge. This was only the beginning. In 2012 I moved to Vancouver Island where I studied education and played rugby at The University of Victoria. My duties as a student and a varsity athlete kept me very busy, but in my free time, I took advantage of every opportunity to explore the bounty and beauty of Vancouver Island. My friends and I loved taking weekend trips to French Beach, Sombrio Beach and Tofino, sometimes even in the winter! The temperate climate allowed us to explore the island twelve months of the year, as long as we didn't mind a little rain of course. I also worked part-time as a behavioural interventionist, inclusion facilitator, and Camp Counsellor for children and adults with disabilities. I took the above picture with my friend Russel who I met at Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan when he tagged along with my friends and me for his first-ever camping trip in 2017 at French Beach. 


In the summer months it became a tradition to take trips to Hornby Island with one of my best friends Trevor, and now it's something I look forward to every year! Whether it's soaking up the sun on Big Trib, gallivanting around Helliwell, or biking to the market to admire local artisans, the island life always fills me with joy. This special place always connects me with so many of my cherished childhood friends like the Buchans, the Griffins, the Leckys, the Nonnis, and the Sydneysmiths, just to name a few. I always leave Hornby with a smile, because even though I'm sad to go, I know that I've forged memories, and made new friendships that will last a lifetime! 

Another spot I love to visit is Salt Spring Island, where I get to reconnect with my friends I met in University like Tyler, Mishan, Oliver, Jayme, Jacob, and Jake. While visiting Salt Spring, I love to tour the craft markets, frolic in the sun at Saint Mary's Lake, and hangout with the goats at the cheese factory. I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to catch up with my friends, and spend time with their amazing families who live on the island. 


I have visited almost all of the Gulf Islands, and each one is linked to special people, and cherished memories. The Foundations of Island Life Apparel Inc. are not however laid in the ground like a traditional company, or linked to one specific island, but rather the interaction and the experiences that they facilitate. There is immense beauty on every Island in the Pacific NorthWest, and at Island Life Apparel, we aim to reflect not just the natural beauty of each island, but also the friendships they foster, the connections they build, and people they bring together. Our company is a celebration of not just my lived experiences on the islands, but of everyone's. Its foundations stem from the smiles shared, and the memories forged. We aim to provide every island lover with the means to commemorate their shared experiences on the island and spread the love. After all, we make simple gear for the simple life.... the island life.

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