Our Process, Our Journey

Our Process, Our Journey

At Island Life Apparel, we value the environment, sustainability, and simplicity; above all else, we value community.

Island Life Apparel is a value-driven company. It is small and it is sustainable. We aim to provide people who love 'the island life' with a way to commemorate their experiences and share their love with others.

Each piece is designed by me, and embroidered locally by a small print shop. 

Our goal is to give people the means to show their love for the beautiful islands of the Pacific Northwest and commemorate their shared experiences with loved ones.

After all of that, you are left with a simple and humble reflection of my passion for exploration and my love for the islands of the Pacific Northwest. After all of that, you are left with a simple memento to share with friends, family and loved ones. 

At the heart of Island Life Apparel is community. Our goal is to build a community around our brand that brings island lovers together and lets people share and celebrate their love for the islands of the Pacific Northwest.  When you purchase an item from Island Life Apparel, we want to meet you, engage with you, and hear what makes the island special to you. All of my experiences exploring and living on the islands were spent with friends and family. Island Life Apparel is a celebration of these connections and relationships, not just for me, but for everyone who spends time with friends and loved ones on the islands.

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