Our Vision, Our Reflection, Our Insight

Our Vision, Our Reflection, Our Insight

As the days have passed, much like a freshly planted arbutus tree, we have endured the elements and continued to grow. With new growth, there are sure to be tumultuous periods, and times where the elements test your vitality. New roots will certainly never take hold with no sunlight or no rain. Just as with too much sun, the fresh leaves might scorch, and too much water may cause the roots to rot. At Island Life Apparel we believe that strong winds forge strong roots. 


Our vision is to grow our brand and connect our community at a sustainable rate. We don’t want to reach too far or move too fast, and just as stagnant water breeds the undesirable, we know that movement is imperative. Our vision is to build a strong foundation and lay deep roots, so that season after season, we can continue to sprout new leaves. With each passing moon, we set new goals to explore new territory and test new waters. Through this experience, we will learn, and as our guide, we will rely on the First People’s Principles of Learning


We believe that ‘learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors.’ which is why we are not only focused on producing quality apparel but on supporting the community, and the family we aim to engage at Island Life Apparel. We also believe that ‘learning involves patience and time’, and much like an arbutus tree beginning to sprout new leaves, and set new roots, our vision is to start small. 


This summer you can expect to see the reflection of our vision through our initial apparel launch. Our actions are intentional and informed by daily learning, insight, and reflection. A tree cannot grow tall and strong without first enduring the seasons and their respective elements. At Island Life Apparel, it is our vision to grow strong roots and allocate only the energy necessary to branch out when the conditions call for it. 


We have worked hard to achieve the growth and learning that has brought us through each day, and we endeavour to continue learning and growing with the seasons and will respond accordingly through our actions. 


We are so excited to continue growing this summer, and even more excited to reveal to our friends and family our first line of apparel on June 10th. Our apparel is a reflection of a collective love for the land we share, and the people we share it with. Our vision is to give everyone the means to show their love for the islands of the Pacific Northwest and commemorate their shared experiences with friends, with family, and with the community.


Know that our actions are intentional, and we have worked hard to create a curated line of apparel that reflects not only our vision and insight but reflects the learning and growth we have achieved thus far at Island Life Apparel Inc. Our vision is to continue to learn and grow, and guided by First People’s principles, to produce apparel that reflects not only our values, but also the shared values of our friends, our family, and our community. Our vision is to make each piece of apparel intentionally to reflect our values, to reflect the simple life, the good life, the island life. 

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