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Island Life Apparel Inc.

Salt Spring Hat - 'The Salty Sand Dollar'

Salt Spring Hat - 'The Salty Sand Dollar'

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Designed and embroidered in Vancouver, B.C. 

Embroidered in small batches by living-wage adults.

5% of profits from each sale go towards supporting local conservation efforts on the islands of the Pacific Northwest and the waters that surround them. 

6-panel adjustable, 100% cotton, adjustable, made to fit most. 

The Salty Sand Dollar is a reflection of our time spent exploring Salt Spring Island. Although Sand Dollars are not very common on the island, they can be found if you know where to look. Salt Spring Island is the largest of the gulf islands, and around every corner lies a different marvel to behold. The hat is inspired by our experiences on the island floating on St. Mary's lake, and enjoying cider, goat cheese, and quaint cottages in the woods. We take every chance we get to visit the island and enjoy the marvellous markets and festivals.

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