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Island Life Apparel Inc.

Bowen Island Hat - 'Stone Pacific Red Giant'

Bowen Island Hat - 'Stone Pacific Red Giant'

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Designed and embroidered in Vancouver, B.C. 

Embroidered in small batches by living-wage adults.

5% of profits from each sale go towards supporting local conservation efforts on the islands of the Pacific Northwest and the waters that surround them. 

6-panel adjustable, 100% cotton, adjustable, made to fit most. 

The 'Stone Pacific Red Giant' pays homage to Bowen Island, and my time spent  exploring, kayaking, and visiting friends on the island. To this day, many of my friends still live on Bowen Island, and I like to go back and visit them, or take a quick day trip for some kayaking and delicious treats. As a child growing up on the North Shore of Vancouver, many of my peers and friends would commute from Bowen daily to attend school. Now, as a teacher in West Vancouver, many of my colleagues make the daily commute from Bowen to educate and inspire students in West Vancouver. Although this requires early mornings and some strategic commuting plans, the natural of beauty and tranquility of Bowen Island makes the daily ferry rides worth it for many. The Giant Pacific Red Octopus is an elusive and intelligent creature that can sometimes be seen maneuvering around the rocky shores. Although they are masters of camouflage, if you spend enough time exploring the nooks and crannies of the coast, you might just spot one. 

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