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Island Life Apparel Inc.

Hornby Island Hat - 'The Super Star'

Hornby Island Hat - 'The Super Star'

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 Designed and Embroidered in Vancouver, B.C. 

Embroidered in small batches by living-wage adults.

5% of profits from each sale go towards supporting local conservation efforts on the islands of the Pacific Northwest and the waters that surround them. 

6-panel adjustable, 100% cotton, adjustable, made to fit most. 

'The Star' is a reflection of the countless experiences soaking up rays on Hornby Island. The long sandy beaches and breathtaking oceanside paths always draw us to the coastline, and run-ins with little crabs are inevitable. I look forward to visiting Hornby Island every summer, and spending time with childhood friends and connecting with new friends each year. The community on Hornby Island is magnetic and the island life always beckons. 'The Star' represents the special place Hornby Island has in my heart. I have love for all of the Islands of the Pacific Northwest, but to me, Hornby Island is the star! Quantities are very limited for this special hat, due to its popularity and the manner in which we create our apparel. Small batch embroidery means that every hat we make is a collectable piece of art! 

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