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The 'Norse Horse' Viking Cap

The 'Norse Horse' Viking Cap

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Designed and embroidered in Vancouver, B.C. and inspired by UVIC Men's Rugby. 

Embroidered in small batches by living-wage adults.

50% of proceeds from each sale go towards supporting student athletes at the University of Victoria. 

6-panel adjustable, 100% cotton, made to fit most. 

The 'Norse Horse' Viking Cap was inspired by my five years spent playing varsity rugby at the University of Victoria where I studied education. As a student-athlete I was very fortunate to have the support of the rugby community and spend time with amazing coaches, players, and friends. The opportunities granted to me through my time as a Vike where largely provided through generous donor contributions and scholarship opportunities. The 'Norse Horse' Viking cap is a reflection of the my great privilege, and 50% of all proceeds go towards supporting  student-athletes who continue to learn, play, and live in Victoria, British Columbia. 

This hat is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the University of Victoria or the UVIC Vikes in accordance with their exclusive apparel partnership agreements. 

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