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Island Life Apparel Inc.

Limited Edition! The Vancouver Island Hat - 'The Baby Blue Orca'

Limited Edition! The Vancouver Island Hat - 'The Baby Blue Orca'

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Designed and embroidered in Vancouver, B.C. 

Embroidered in small batches by living-wage adults.

5% of profits from each sale go towards supporting local conservation efforts on the islands of the Pacific Northwest and the waters that surround them. 

6-panel adjustable, 100% cotton, adjustable, made to fit most. 

The Vancouver Island Hat represents the time I spent living on Vancouver Island while I was completing my Bachelor's of Education. While on the island, I also played varsity rugby for The University of Victoria, and worked for a variety of non-profit organizations supporting people with disabilities. All of these experiences provided ample opportunity for exploration, and at the heart of all of my endeavours on the island was community. It is hard to represent the magnificence of Vancouver Island with one hat, as I have fond memories from coast to coast. Even now when I explore the surrounding gulf islands, I often visit friends and family in Victoria, or spend time traversing the island to get to more remote islands like Hornby Island and the islands surrounding Telegraph Cove. I do however feel that the majestic Orca Whale is a fitting symbol for the magnificence of Vancouver Island. Both transient and resident killer whales are nomadic, and if you travel to Vancouver Island, you might just be lucky enough to see one, although it's more likely you'd see a few. Every Orca sighting I have is more beautiful than the next, just like every minute spent living, learning, and playing on Vancouver Island. 

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